Thursday, March 26, 2009

Village of Placencia

During the four days we stayed at the Inn at Robert's Grove, we went into the village of Placencia about six times (it is a 10min cab ride). It is a wonderful little town, very undeveloped in appearance, but with a diverse variety of restaurants, shops and bars. (Thankfully no chains except the Shell station.)

There is a mix of cultures in evidence, from global hippie, to Spanish, Maya and Garifuna. Most locals speak very good English to tourists, but revert to Creole when speaking to each other.

In the eyes (and taste buds) of the Phelps family, the #1 attraction in Placencia is the TuttiFrutti Gelateria. We went to TuttiFrutti every time we were in Placencia. It is owned by real Italians, and the Gelato is fabulous.

Cath - I had 3 hours to kill in the teeny weeny town of Placencia while Bill took the big kids snorkeling and Lyra spent the entire time trying to find TuttiFrutti, having been there with Bill the day before. She was incredibly singleminded. It was like Laurel and Hardy.
"Lyra, do you want to go to the playground?"
"The ice cream place is down there."
"Why don't we go to the beach?"
"The ice cream place is near the beach!"
"Do you have to go to the loo?"
"No! It's time to get ice cream at the ice cream place!"

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