Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lyra's Belated Birthday Party

Poor Lyra is born on January 1 which means that her birthday will be forever celebrated with a hangover, holiday fatigue and probably no birthday party unless she plans it herself.  I could not muster energy to get any sort of party with friends together until February.  Everything was either booked or hugely expensive or just more work than I could manage. Lyra was NOT going to forget that she hadn't had a party either.  I held out hope for awhile but she considered her birthday not to have happened because she hadn't had a party with her friends.  Somehow the party with family did not count. 

I finally talked with the paint-your-own-pottery place in Old Town, Paint This, and they saved the birthday! They were GREAT.  I didn't have too much trouble scheduling, they saved out the pieces the kids were to paint, and I just brought in our food and everyone met us there. The kids painted little cupcake boxes that are just adorable. Except Will, he painted a box shaped like a tank to hold his Katana soldiers. The kids were ready to run after about an hour and a half and there's a school playground not too far away from there. I do believe this was the easiest birthday party I have ever organized! We kept it small...just five friends plus Lyra, Will and Eva...and I suppose that is one reason it was easy.

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It started off to be a great kite flying day

But I guess thus was bound to happen. Now Bill is going tonclimb the tree. I can't look.


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Friday, February 04, 2011

Check out my latest project!

Do I really need another artsy-craftsy thing to do? YES. Some of our knitting group is basket weaving....I'm making a Nantucket basket. I had no idea what a Nantucket basket was when I signed up for the class, I just did it because Cheryl and Hedy were doing it plus I did win a blue ribbon for the basket I wove at day camp when I was 9. Nantucket baskets have a wooden base, are woven over a mold ad often decorated with scrimshaw.

Here is my work in progress. Somehow, for as much as I bake, I have no nice basket for rolls or muffins so that's my progress. The cats are completely fascinated with that skinny little weaver and I hope the baskets survives his antics.  Cheryl is making a tall narrow basket with an ebony base and leather handles to hold a knitting project and hers is turning out beautifully.  Hedy is making a a very large round bowl shaped basket and already it is magnificent! We get started in the class, then take home materials and work on the baskets at home. By the time we run out or get stuck on something, it is time for the next class.

Hedy's neighbor, Hiromi Thurston, is teaching the classes.  She is lovely and such a patient teacher. Classes are Fridays in Crystal City or Tuesdays in Chevy Chase. Contact Hiromi for details!

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