Friday, March 27, 2009

Leaving Placencia

We arrived in Placencia by road, the last 20 miles of which were dirt, now in the process of being paved.  We left via Maya Island Air using the Placencia airstrip.  

The airstrip is narrow, and looks barely paved.  It reminds me of a country airstrip in rural America, not an airport.  The airstrip runs east to west, perpendicular to the road into the village of Placencia.  The road into town literally curves around the airstrip (the road is the flat dirt area in the foreground in this photo) and cars must stop when a plane is taking off or landing.

I have to say though, I liked this way of flying.  No security screening, no x-rays, no security lecture, no control tower delaying takeoff.  Just jump in the plane and go.  

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