Thursday, March 26, 2009

De'Tatch - Ocean Side

This is the ocean side of De'Tatch where the dining area is located under the palm trees. As noted elsewhere, we were not big fans of the food at the Inn at Robert's Grove, but since we had purchased the meal plan, we did eat most of our meals there. On our last full day in Placencia, I took Lyra and Eva to De'Tatch for lunch. It was so good we all decided to return for dinner. (De'Tatch is local slang for The Thatch, referring to the thatched roof.) At dinner Will and I had grilled shark steak and Cathleen had grouper. Both of the fish dishes were excellent. Eva had chicken fingers, which were actual fresh fried chicken, not prefrozen.

Although the food was great, the place was super casual, there was a floor in the restaurant, but no walls. In the bar there was no floor, just sand. Their motto seems to be: De Tatch, "No shoes, No ties, NO PROBLEM MON!"

Cath - There were all kinds of kitty cats running around through Placencia, as you might expect in such a warm climate with food aplenty. Just about all of the cats we saw were black and white. It was like they were all descended from a single pair of black and white cats. But at De Tatch, there was a brownish siamese looking cat with pale blue eyes. This cat was not allowed in the restaurant but she came in anyway and promptly made good friends with Will, who was missing our cats terribly.

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