Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cath on Survivor

Cath rode Survivor on her first outing. We found that each horse had a very distinct personality, and its own unique ways of misbehaving (stopping to eat during the ride, refusing to be near certain other horses, etc). I will let Cath provide a run down on Survivor, and her other more recalcitrant horse.

Cath - No, Survivor WAS the recalcitrant horse. He just wanted to do his own thing and do it slowly. That wasn't bad the first day when we really didn't go fast. But, I went with Eva another day (after Bill swore off horseback riding forever); Eva wanted to do a more adventurous ride and Survivor just wanted to QUIT.

Our guide, Teddy, saw I was miserable so he offered to switch horses with me. Then he had to switch saddles because he was taller and we couldn't get the stirrups high enough for me. I felt bad for being the gringa holding up the ride.

Teddy's horse, Lionheart, was a beautiful, young and spirited yet civilized horse. Poor Lionheart....I didn't ever learn to ride a horse so I was pretty much holding on for dear life the whole time and I am sure he couldn't wait to get rid of me.

Survivor was even more difficult for Teddy than he was for me. Since we were trail riding, we were supposed to be riding in a line. Survivor was not used to be a lead horse and refused to go first. Since Teddy wanted him to go first AND go fast, Survivor put his foot down. All four of them.

The horses are so funny, they are just like people with their personalities and idiosyncracies. I love animals and I love to be outdoors so I am sure could get the hang of this if I had the opportunity to ride regularly with one horse who I could get to know and love. But I am not there yet! Eva, however, appears to be a natural.

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