Thursday, March 26, 2009

Di Guava Tree

Clever and amusing signs seem to be a local tradition. Some appear to be formally placed by the town, many others like this one are informal.

Cath - Oh but there were so many signs that I WISH I'd photographed.

Like the one for the boutique located "behind the old graveyard and around the corner on the sidewalk" since nothing here has an address, just a relative location on "the sidewalk."

Or the one at De'Tatch,for evening entertainment: "For Poker Game (Secret) Call Fred 660-697-****" That reminds me of a secret love note Eva wrote to her friend, Jacob, ON A POSTCARD.

Or important driver information near the Placencia Airstrip (NOT Airport, AirSTRIP): "Drivers must give way to landing and departing aircraft." Eek. But we all did survive the taxi rides and the flight out too.

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