Monday, January 26, 2009

Lyra's first leo

Lyra is going to her first big girl tumbling class. She is SO EXCITED. She even has a new leo in her size! I really hope she doesn't have to go to the loo during class!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lyra Turns Three!

A little belated but here's a little something from Lyra's birthday. Her birthday was spread out over a period of time because it is so close to Christmas. But she did have a small family birthday party with Grammy and Coach. She had lots of fun and loved opening all her presents, even though she did not know wost most of them were. She knew what to do with all of them but didn't necessarily know the word for it so people kept asking her "Lyra, what is it?" And she'd shout "I don't know!"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lyra likes sour cream

She is eating it directly out of the little cup. I consider this reviolting but Lyra (and Eva too) consider me to be unenlightened.

Inauguration Day!

Here's a short video of our inauguration activities from this afternoon. I've never tried to attend one of these before. We could not get downtown and that would have been just a nightmare anyway to try to do by myself with the kids in this weather. It is very cold to be standing around, so this side of the river was close enough. I know we could have watched it from the comfort of our living room but I really wanted to be out and about to share this historic moment with my City. The square was very crowded but we could still see the "jumbotron" screen. There was some energy because of the crowd and the cheering and clapping, just clearly not on the same scale as the mall! The footage of all those people was just incredible!

Eva has the best view of the inauguration on the jumbotron.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lyra goes to the dentist

Let's hope she gets to pick a prize out of prize bucket. This is at the beginning of the visit. Will was cooperative for his first dentist check up. Eva was suspicious. I didn't know if Lyra was going to follow in her footsteps.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thought for the Day

Cat pee is a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

I cannot believe my sweet, elegant and adorable felines are capable of producing such a vile and ungodly substance. Thankfully this was the basement...the basement where we hope to dig the entire floor out and Throw It Away so we have one more usable room.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Have You Read Sherlock Holmes Lately?

Neither have I. I am not sure that I ever read much in detail, just a snippet here and there at school. Santa or someone brought Will Volume 1 of Sherlock Holmes for Christmas (at Will's request). We started out reading it together and Will has been enjoying it very much. I have gone on ahead since, somehow, this is the first Christmas EVER where I didn't get a book from anyone! I have been reading everyone else's books and this one looked good.

So I've gone on ahead to the second story. AND GUESS WHAT? Sherlock Holmes shoots himself up with cocaine or morphine when he's bored.

That little detail was definitely left out of our school selections. I was appalled although, to be fair, Dr. Watson tells Holmes in no uncertain terms that he is an idiot to engage in such activities. I guess it is good that I am reading this together with Will.

Moral: Just because you buy your children good literature to read doesn't mean you don't have to read it too.