Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bill & Lyra in the Big Pool

While Lyra enjoyed the kiddie pool, she was even more enthusiastic about swimming with me in the big pool.  She would hold my hands and jump into the water so I could catch her *endlessly* - I never tired her out, I always called quits first.  She seems to have very little fear of the water, and occasional mishaps where she got dunked did not phase her at all.  

The new pool at Chaa Creek is pretty and well designed for older and younger guests.  It is also close to the bar and restaurant and has service from both (which the kids figured out very quickly).  The only problem is that the limestone tile around the pool is polished and is like ice when it is wet.  Chaa Creek management is aware of the issue and working to fix it, but the pool would never have been allowed to open at a US resort.  Eva fell most often, but Will took the worst fall, having his feet go out from under him on the stairs and ending up with a horrible bruise on his lower back.

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