Tuesday, March 24, 2009

View From Temple IV

This is one of the iconic views at Tikal, looking out over the city from near the top of Temple IV.  This is such a famous view that George Lucas used it as the backdrop for a scene late in the original Star Wars movie, now known as Episode IV: A New Hope.  You can see this view as planet Yavin 4, the site of the rebel bases here.

Temple 4 is very high (a long climb up steep wooden scaffolding).  This view gives a great sense of just how big Tikal is.  The low structure to the far right in the photo is in the Plaza of the Lost World.  The very tall structure middle left is Temple III, the two structures further to the left are Temple II and Temple I.  The area of Tikal that has been excavated (really partially excavated) covers 10 square miles, the full extent of the Tikal National Park is 222 square miles.

From this location, Tikal does have a mystical feel, and in fact  woman was sitting near where I took this photo meditating.  I am not sure how Will and Eva affected her experience.  They generally do not promote calmness.  

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nice view up there