Thursday, March 26, 2009

Placencia Elementary School

Would this be a great place to grow up, or what? This was recess time at the local elementary school, and you can just see the kids enjoying the shade under the school building. Placencia is remote, and poor by US standards, but the kids all had clean uniforms and were playing with great abandon during their recess.

Cath - My running buddy, Cheryl, says her Belizean students are in much better shape than many other immigrant students at her school because of Belize's priority on education.

I must say I can't even see the kids in Bill's photo here. Lyra and I did walk right next to the playground during recess (this was while Bill and Will and Eva were snorkeling) and the kids really were having a lot of fun playing on the swings, playing tag, and generally running amok.

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