Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pet Crocodile

Next door to TuttiFrutti there was a building with a restaurant and travel agent - and a small pond out front with turtles, fish and two small crocodiles. Cathleen took this shot at feeding time when a man came by with a platter of raw chicken for the croc.

Apparently this croc was caught last year in a nearby lagoon as a baby. It is now about five feet long. There used to be many small turtles in the pond. Now there are only a few big turtles, and one other smaller croc that hides most of the time.

Cath - Where was the $&@*#$(@# video camera??? It was cool to watch the croc suddenly sink straight down out of sight. There was also a smaller crocodile who had to sneak out for his chicken because this one wouldn't let it go anywhere. Even the turtles and fish, very carefully, found a way to get their share. I did not know turtles would eat chicken.

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