Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jellyfish Attack

Will has had a bit of a rough vacation in terms of minor injuries.  His worst experience came within a couple of hours of checking in at Robert's Grove.  Will and I were swimming in the ocean, and all of a sudden he was running up to the beach screaming like he was on fire, which I guess in  sense he was.  He had just had his first run in with a jellyfish.  

His arm had red swollen welts which he, unfortunately, spread to his belly when he drew his arm tight in an effort to stop the pain.  Poor guy looked like he'd been flogged with a cat o' nine tails.

Will said it felt like he'd stuck his arm in an electric socket.  This photo was taken about an hour later, after some of the swelling went down.  We gave Will a Benadryl, and it seemed like the pain went away after about ninety minutes, and Will was fine the next morning.  

Fortunately we were told that jellyfish are uncommon here, and we have had lots more swimming without further incident.

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