Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Lyra Turns Two

I almost titled this 'Mom, that's FIRE on my plate'. We put two tea candles beside Lyra's cake in lieu of birthday candles, and Lyra was none to keen on the fire as you can see from her expression in this photo.

Lyra officially turns two today (1/1/08), but we celebrated on New Year's Eve because we will be journeying to New York today. We had Cathleen's parents at our house for cake and presents, and everyone had a great time. I think Eva had almost as much fun helping Lyra celebrate as Lyra did actually being the birthday girl.
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Now What?

After getting the candles blown out, it looks like Lyra was not sure what to do next. Don't be fooled. She was just picking where she wanted to attack the cake first.
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That IS Good Cake

After tasting the cake, Lyra was happy to dig in.
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You're Crowding Me

After getting over her concern about the fire and then tasting the cake, Lyra just wanted to eat it, not pose for photos. The cake was Mexican chocolate with ice cream and fudge sauce, so I can understand Lyra not wanting to be distracted.
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Tea Party

I don't know what it is about little girls and tea parties, but Eva and now Lyra LOVE their tea sets. This was one of Lyra's favorite presents, and Eva was very enthusiastic about 'helping' Lyra play with it.
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Yeah Bob!

This is a cute photo, but I did not know what to title it. One of Lyra's birthday presents was a 'Bob the Builder' phone. Whenever she pushes a button on the phone (Lyra is good at pushing buttons) the phone plays something from the Bob the Builder Cartoon. Lyra loves it.
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