Saturday, October 17, 2009


Last night's adventure was a trip to the Haunted Forest with Will's class and a corresponding class of girls.  Due to a travel snafu on Bill's part, I had to find babysitting for Lyra and bring Eva to this event.  That was not the original plan and I was worried it would be too scary.  And it did turn out to be way over the top of any haunted anything I have ever seen!  I actually had to ask another mom to go ahead of me because I am a great big CHICKEN and was too scared to go first (Thank you Alice!).  But after that, I needed to be brave for Eva's sake but most of the boys enjoyed being scared.  Really if you take a pre-emptive first shriek at anyone lurking in the darkness, it takes some of the fright out of it.  But still, this was pretty dang intense.  It is not for the claustrophobic.  And, hands down, everyone thought the circus area with the clowns was the scariest. 

As with Harry Potter and the dementors, hot chocolate took away any lingering terror.  That and watching other forest-goers come tearing out of a haunted bus at the end of their walk.  I don't know what was in there because there were two trails and we took the other one.  But it was so predictable, every few minutes there'd be all this screaming and a few people would be hauling a$$ out of the bus and into the main fairground area.  I only got moderately lost on the way home and no one had any bad dreams.  All's well that ends well!

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