Sunday, October 11, 2009

Six Flags Roller Coaster Photos

Will and I made a short pilgrimage to Six Flags Great America today, to use the season passes we were levered into purchasing on our last visit.  I have to say that with Six Flags only 30min from our house, and practically no lines because it is off season, this is an easy ~3hr excursion.

On the last trip I used my iPhone to take some photos.  This time I used my Canon G10 configured for 'point and shoot' (preset focus and aperture set for maximum depth of field).  This worked great and all the photos were good from a focus and exposure perspective.  However, the composition was not up to my mental aspiration.  I had the camera strap threaded through my belt so if the camera flew out of my hands on a roller coaster it would not go anywhere.  Unfortunately this meant I could only get the camera about a foot from my body, and there were some great shots I missed because I could not hold the camera over my head.  I also need to back the shutter speed off a little to show more of the motion in some of the shots.  Oh well, we do have season passes, and they are open Saturdays and Sundays through 11/1.   

Because the lines were so short (almost non-existent) we were able to get the front seats in the front car on most of our rides.  I have to say, this is eerie, especially on Super Man, which is the highest roller coaster at Six Flags.  As Will put it, when you start down the main hill, it feels 'more than straight down'.  Because I could not get the camera high enough, I could not effectively capture the sensation of vertical drop, but in the front car with nothing at all in front of you it was intense.  This video on YouTube gives a pretty good sense of what the ride is like in the front car.  

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Tehan said...

Holy Toledo, Bill. How in the world did you shoot pictures (not to mention awesome ones!!) AND not cover your eyes. This almost made made my stomach drop a little and I am only sitting here at home. yikes. what dare devils!!!