Saturday, October 10, 2009

Earth Treks FBS Climbing Competition

Eva had a great time at today's Friction Bouldering Series / American Bouldering Series Competition at Earth Treks in Rockville.  She and her friends from SportRock climbed really hard.  I do think the Hershey's bar, Reese's cups, Gatorade and Pepsi that Eva consumed must have had something to her 1st Place finish in her age group.  Eva has a couple of more competitions in October and November (Philly, Timonium) and then will hopefully go to a regional event in New Jersey.  She loves climbing and her level of intensity this year was a big step up from when she started competing a year ago.  

The climbing is great exercise, physical and mental.  Eva's strength has improved, and the (many) moves that require her to hang from one arm have become manageable.  Mentally she has also progressed, and she has the confidence for the (also many) moves that require dynamic climbing, or dynoing where she basically needs to leap from one position to another.  Eva has given up gymnastics to  focus on climbing, but I think her years of gymnastics training did help prepare her for many of the moves in climbing.

Eva's climbing coach Jason is excellent, has really inspired her to push herself.  

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