Monday, October 19, 2009

Don Quixote rides again!

I took the kids to see the Washington Ballet's Don Quixote this evening.  It was GREAT!  After frantically trying to find a synopsis of the books online, it turned out the ballet included one manageable story and, as usual, incorporated all kinds of great showcase dancing for the men and elements of comedy.  I think that is why we always love TWB's performances.  I don't really have another ballet company to compare it with so I don't know if TWB is unusual in this regard, but I know that the acrobatics of the male dancers are cool enough to keep Will interested in going and we all appreciate the the humorous parts.

It was quite long, with two intermissions.  I thought the kids might fall asleep since we'd already had an action packed day and sitting in a dark room with classical music going is just the right setting for a nap. Instead, the performance inspired such quotes as "There is one flat dress!" and "She has been on that toe for exactly one minute!" and "Now that is just funny!"  The only things that marred the performance were the lack of a live orchestra and the one (or more?) audience members sitting nearby who were excessively and unpleasantly perfumed.  Our eyes were burning and Will, especially, was miserable.  I think it is rude to wear a lot of perfume when going to a crowded place.  BLEAH. I am glad we were able to stay for the entire performance.

In December, we are going to see the Nutcracker and Lyra will come with us!  She is very excited to attend her first ballet and is already planning to wear her tutu and ballet shoes.  She is disappointed that she doesn't get to dance.  I guess I need to find the girlie some ballet lessons.

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