Saturday, October 17, 2009

MORE Baking and Halloween prep

Eva had a friend over and they wanted to bake cookies and decorate them.  Am I the cool mom or what?  We made really yummy gingerbread and the kids decorated and made a mess.  A delicious mess though so it was OK.  I am going on a long run tomorrow to make up for all the cookie dough and cookies I ate.  Let's hope it is NOT raining.

Also I need to get going on Halloween costumes so I spent some time on that today too.  You can see Eva has made considerable progress with hers.  Lyra is going to be Ronald McDonald (Old McDonald, in her words).  Her costume is still in progress.  I colored red stripes on her sleeves but still need to do socks or tights, figure out something for her shoes and also decorate her yellow shirt.  Eva is excited to do Lyra's makeup. 

How funny is it that these are the costumes, and my kids HATE fast food and won't eat it even when we are on a road trip and desperately need them to just eat the fast food because there is nothing else?  Still not ready to divulge our Halloween costume theme....those of you who know it, shhhhhhhh!  More to come later!

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