Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Cat Fish! Our garden is the wild animal kingdom today...

As he was draining the pond, Bill caught the catfish that's been hiding in our pond for ages. I've posted about him before. This seemed a good opportunity to get a photo and see how big our fish really is. 

The first photo is OK, you can see is poor wild eyes but his tail isn't really in there. Bill thought since he'd gone through all that work to catch the fish that we should take another photo.  So we did and in the second photo, you can see the whole fish including his wild eyes and tail.  But then milliseconds after that photo was taken, the catfish slithered out of Bill's grip and began flopping all over the bridge and in the mulch trying to get back to the pond. That is the third photo.

Now I am not good with anything that scurries around and it appears that random floppiness = scurrying. I am a little embarrassed to say that I took the last picture while shrieking and jumping around. Poor Bill slid into the pond (hip waders are a good thing) and the catfish nearly flopped himself under the edge of the bridge. Mr./Ms. Fish is now recovering in a big bucket.  PHEW. 

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