Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Return of the Catfish

We bought this catfish when he was teeny. His disappeared for years and we assumed he was dead, but really he was just down in the bottom of the pond GROWING. He is now the largest thing in the pond by far.
This fish generated all kinds of amusing discussion on our neighborhood listserv when I posted an inquiry about what catfish eat (we have no more tadpoles) and whether anyone wanted to adopt him. The crazy "Jaws Cat" photo and "catfish platter" are from that listserv discussion. I made this video to show off the fish and didn't think it would be complete without those photos. Thank you, Wayne!
So can anyone tell what kind of catfish this is? I don't want to release him into the wild unless he's a native species. Anyone want to adopt him? Please? I know catfish can be yummy but I don't want to eat him. I mean, look at him! EEEEEWWW! I don't even want my cat to eat him.

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