Friday, April 27, 2012

Will's Drummer - part of today's MAESA Fair art competition

I'm not sure that Will won anything but I loved his sculpture.  He created this in art class as part of a group assignment to create a band.  Will's drummer doesn't represent anyone in particular but some of the boys in class made sculpture that represented a real person or had some other creative idea behind it (e.g., one group created a band called JB 3 - Justin Bieber, a Jonas Brother and John Brown (whose "body lies a-moulding in the grave")….that guy rattled his chains).  I had meant to photograph some of the other art on display and never got to it. I LOVE children's' art and there were some beautiful pieces that were part of this exhibit.  

I hope all these kids appreciate how lucky they are to have actual studio art classes and to have them all the way through middle school. I would have *loved* that opportunity but it was not available.  At my school elective classes ran a whole year so you had to choose between art, music, drama, etc. I remember a lot of agony over that choice.


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