Monday, April 02, 2012

An amazing show - Cirque Mandinque, Roundhouse London #circusfest

We saw the most amazing acrobatic performance Friday evening at the Roundhouse in Camden Town. The Roundhouse does a series every year of 'contemporary circus' performances. I like the concept as it seems to me that circus is under appreciated as a form of performance art.

The first artist in the series this year is Cirque Mandinque - please check out the video here

The video is great, but it does not do the show justice. One of the members of Cirque Mandingue is a contortionist who does things with his body that Gumby can't do. The power and control of the acrobats makes all of the gymnasts I have seen perform look physically weak in comparison. I truly could not believe my eyes at some of the moves.

As visually stunning as the show was, the music took it from being an athletic display to an artistic display. The drumming created urgency and anticipation, and seemed to urge on the performers.

Perhaps best of all, this was truly an all ages event. Our family aged 6 to 50 loved every minute. Via iPad

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