Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lyra has a day of beauty!

Will was supposed to get a much needed haircut before his piano recital today.  But he is very proud of his mane and didn't want it cut.  Lyra loooooves to go to the beauty shop plus Bill TOLD her she was getting her haircut.  Telling her she wasn't going to get to go was going to be unpleasant for everyone involved.  So here she is!  She let Myra wash her hair this time and the final result is really cute!!

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Charity Todd said...

Love the new haircut!!! Where did you take Lyra to have it done?

Cathleen said...

Our whole family goes to Annette (pronounced Annette-ah) at Bazzak across from the movie theatre. We've gone there for years and years. She is great with my kids and great with my hair too.