Sunday, November 01, 2009

At last! Unveiling of the Costumes!

Putting the costumes together took more time than I had expected.  But we finally did it!  Our family dressed up as Interstate 95.  Bill is the road, Will is a traffic barrel, Eva is Wendy's, Lyra is Ronald McDonald and I am South of the Border.  My friend, Tehan, traditionally comes trick-or-treating with us and you can see her in one of these photos as a slimmer, prettier and smarter Sarah Palin! 

It was sort of misty and rainy tonight and so the usual Halloween party street didn't seem as packed as I remember from last year.  Even so, Eva's costume and mine made it tough to maneuver through any crowded space.  But the kids had fun and still ended up with a ton of candy, maybe because people were dumping it in their bags by the handful to get rid of it!  The best part was that Lyra walked THE ENTIRE TIME ALL BY HERSELF.  This is the first Halloween in recent memory where no one had to carry a child the whole time.

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