Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finding a Xmas Tree

We cut our own tree last weekend at Snicker's Gap and that, once again, worked out very well. It's about an hour away, the have lots of hot cider available and they are also very organized about getting you set up to cut your tree and then getting your tree ready for you to take home.

Snicker's Gap had Douglas Fir and Colorado Blue Spruce trees. The Douglas Fir are much easier to work with but the Blue Spruce look so much wilder and fun that we went with one of those. Unfortunately they are PRICKLY. Putting the lights on and decorating will not be fun. However, the prickliness should easily keep the cats and children at bay.

It was very cold for the tree cutting. We pulled out all the ski-wear to do it. This is Lyra's first Christmas where she really is excited and knows what's going on. She knew we needed to pick out a big tree since our ceilings are so high. She promptly picked out several 5 foot trees for us to take home because they looked plenty big to her. It was darling!
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