Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day

Or should I say "kiss-em day" as Lyra does! You might guess from the little video clip included here that Santa brought me a new toy! I got a little Flip video camera (it showed up very late on Xmas eve) and it was a lot of fun to have on Christmas day.

Clearly I still need a lot of work to take decent video. I added the music because there are sections with no talking but unfortunately, there's no way to fine tune the volume of the music as compared wit the video sound. I mean, I did select the "Play softer than the video" option but that's the only option...there's no "play really really soft" option. There's now way that I can find to make credits that scroll or to change the font on the title and credit screens. Picky, aren't I???

Still, this is much easier to use than our other camera, else there would be no video out here at all. That camera isn't exactly hard but it is more involved and I have to relearn every time how to use it. And the charger for the battery is always AWOL. And I never did figure out how to get the videos off it and onto the computer. So the Flip is much better and I am very excited! Cristin got one too and I am sure she loves hers as much as I love mine.

Unfortunately, Frank Jr. was so sick on Christmas Day we didn't even see him! And then Josie got it and I think maybe Mom too. We have our fingers crossed that the rest of us stay healthy.

What I cannot believe is how much TRASH we have generated. Despite trying to have a simpler holiday and recycling all the boxes and paper, we are drowning in trash. I am thankful that our trash/recycling pick up is tomorrow but I am embarrassed at the big pile outside! Fortunately there is another family on our street now with children so we won't be the only ones with a heap out front.

I will post more pictures later tonight. Will did some posting of his own, as Santa brought him a new digital camera to replace the one he left out in the rain last spring. Here's Will's new blog: hope he will update it regularly so he gets writing and typing practice.

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cherie said...

So excited you got the flip! I want one... Yes, you sound a little picky for a $250 camera... Is the video high enough quality to burn DVDs?