Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cookie Decorating!

FINALLY I made some gingerbread cookies for the kids to decorate. I don't seem to find time to do this very many times during the year but it is so fun and not as much of a pain as I always think it is going to be before I start.

Eva's buddy, Schyler, came over for a sleepover and they are having a lot of fun! It is always nice to have Schyler over because she is cool to have Lyra there and does a very good job of looking out for her. You can see her helping Lyra decorate a cookie. I think Schyler may be a teacher some day.

The girls decorated their cookies with royal icing, sugar sprinkles and those pens with the edible ink that you can get now. They don't work as well as I'd hoped they would but the are not bad. When I bake the rest of the cookie dough, I am going to dry painting on some of them BEFORE baking with colored egg yolk. I might actually need to buy another paintbrush or two to do this because all my good supplies seem to be AWOL. I do not know what happens to all my stuff.

Will and I waited until the girls were done before decorating our cookies.
Results are below
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