Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Lyra's learning about money and it's cracking me up!

I told her if she could count the change in my wallet then she could have it.  She got her book about money to be sure she was doing it right and went to work.  Shortly, she came back with a penny. 

Lyra: This is a penny, right?
Me: That's right, Lyra. 
Lyra: It's worth one cent, right?
Me: Yes, one cent.
Lyra: So if I have 19 pennies, then I have 19 cents.
Me: That's right! 
Lyra: Do I get to keep it since I counted it?
Yes, that was our deal. 

So this is the best part......Lyra gets this big smile and says "I am on my way to being RICH!"  She ran back to count the rest of the money and successfully earned $1.11 from my change purse.

Ohmygosh it was so cute and funny! I didn't have the heart to tell her she had a long way to go to being rich. Time to replenish my change before I need to feed a meter.

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