Saturday, March 24, 2012

London Day 2: Tube adventure and the London Eye

Today we took the Tube to the Camden markets, went shopping and ate chocolate covered bananas (well, not me...who'd have thought my hatred of bananas would be good for my diet?) Eva bought presents for her friends and couple of things for herself. We are out of practice on the Tube and had to do unplanned line transfer to get to Waterloo on the way to the London Eye. but we did it without losing any children.  Lyra is enjoying playing photographer but Bill will post some her her photos later.  She has now learned not to cut people's heads off.  

The London Eye opened since we were here last and it was a lot of fun.  The view was gorgeous.  They sure do have their yield management down to a science. You can pay extra for your own car or to not have to wait in line or to combine the Eye with other attractions.  We went the econo route though since there were so many of us and itworked out just fine.  We taxied back to our flat and had take out (you guessed it) Italian food in the flat that is our home this week.  I am experimenting with the washer/dryer.  The wash is fine but the dry? Stay tuned....

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