Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tasting Notes: 2004 Greenock Creek Alices Shiraz

This is another of the premium Australian wines we picked up from Circle Wines Aussie liquidation sales earlier this spring. It is hard to understand why there was any challenge selling this wine. Hardcore Francophiles would probably think this wine is too fruit driven, but for people who enjoy California or Australian wines, it is amazing. There are layers and layers of taste - in the nose, on the palate and in the finish. The fruit is rich, but it is structured and balanced. The fruit is balanced by a degree of earthiness that allows the wine to go as well with food as it does for standalone drinking nirvana. On my personal five point scale, this is a five point wine. Drinking it is like admiring a great painting that keeps revealing more the longer you look at it. I love drinking wines like this because they help define the spectrum of great wine, and the experience of drinking stunning wine.


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