Thursday, February 11, 2010

Outdoor Snow Fun and Snow Mess

This second storm didn't dump as much snow as the first, maybe 8 inches or so where we are.  But it was very windy!  Snow drifted everywhere and the plows have piled up snow to heights taller than I am.   The kids have had a lot of fun climbing and sliding on these big piles and building snow forts etc.  I have shoveled a lot of snow and ice but that is OK because I have been going crazy just sitting around in the house.  Here are photos of some of the fun and some of the mess that is our street.  Look how high that snow is piled up compared with Lyra and the blue Prius buried out front!  But our street looks much better than many of the side streets and that is probably because there is a firehouse three blocks away.

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