Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lyra's First Ski Lesson

Both of our older kids learned to ski starting around the age of four, and both learned at Wisp Resort in Maryland.  Lyra knew she was old enough this year, and has been lobbying for her turn.  With the older kids' activities, things are hectic, but Lyra deserved her time at the slopes (and if all of the kids ski, Dad will have someone to ski with while Mom is at the beach).  

The snow was fantastic.  I usually need to get on a plane to see these conditions.  Wisp has had 44" of powder this week, and 20 FEET of snow this year.  This is in Maryland, not California or Colorado!

Lyra spent most of her day at Willy Wisp (little kids ski school) but I took her to the top for one run.  She has had enough of a taste of skiing to know she wants more next year. Personally I wish we had gone for the whole weekend, not just a day.

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