Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blizzard of 2010 - The Day After Video (First Try at Vimeo)

This video was taken on Sunday February 7th, the day after our big snow on the 6th.  The day was beautiful, and later in the afternoon I was able to make it to the airport for my flight to Melbourne where it was warm and there was NO snow.  Cathleen and the kids stayed in Alexandria where it snowed again Wednesday and school was closed for the week.  I arrived back home yesterday to three feet of snow, the gutter torn off the house and branches broken off many of the large bushes in our back yard.

This was shot on a Canon 7D and edited in iMovie 9.0.  I am learning iMovie and liking it more, though like all things Mac I wish I could see more of what is happening behind the curtain.  I published on Vimeo because it seems like videos posted there stream in higher quality than YouTube, at least it appears that way.  

I am reworking the video I took during the storm on Saturday, but I can't find (non copyright) music I like.  I am not sure what music goes with a wailing blizzard.  I published a rough draft version to YouTube using Surfin' Safari as the backing track, but received a copyright warning.  I am torn between a perky contrasting surf track or a dark and foreboding piece more evocative of a blizzard.  

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