Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sledding at Lee Street Park

This weekend we had the perfect snowstorm in Alexandria.  It snowed Saturday, so as not to mess up school or work.  It snowed about six inches - enough for sledding, but not enough to take more than 24hrs to clear the roads and sidewalks.  And it was nice light fluffy dry snow, so it was pretty and easy to clear away.  Will did have a concert he was supposed to sing in canceled on Saturday, and we had to send regrets on a party but overall it was a very manageable storm.

Sunday morning dawned clear, and warmer than we expected.  I took Will and Lyra to Lee Street park and they had a great time.  Will seems to be teaching Lyra to be an 11 year old boy, and she is going along with it.  He rammed his sled into her sled and she loved being knocked over.  He threw snow balls at her head, and she threw snow balls back at him.  It was funny and cute to watch, and I think will contribute to making Lyra a very tough little girl.  

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