Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dinner at El Raco de la Carreta - Sitges

I had a great dinner last night with the members of my LDP team who had made it to Sitges.  In the photo are (l2r) Mike, Michael, Eliza and me.  To round off the Mikes, Eliza's husband Mike also joined us, and took this photo.  We ate at El Raco de la Carreta. Carreta means cart in Spanish and is also the street the restaurant was on.  Google translate says El Raco de la Carreta in English is The Raco of the Cart.  Not helpful.  

People eat late in Spain.  When we arrived at the restaurant around 10:00pm we were only the second or third party.  When we left at 1:00am there were still people eating.  9:00pm seems to be the early edge of cocktail hour and certainly too early to eat.  I had a great garlic soup that could (and should) have been my entire meal - strong garlic broth with lots of rustic bread in the soup, so it was thick and filling.  I did manage to eat delicious steak and desert though after the soup.  Our waiter, who was also the owner was wonderful.  His English was only slightly better than our Spanish, but we got by.  He seemed to take a liking to us and after we finished desert he brought us a bottle of Cava to finish off the meal.  

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