Sunday, January 03, 2010

Model Magic Dinosaur Fossils

Will has just started reading Stephen Jay Gould and that inspired him to create some dinosaur fossils out of clay.  I found these to be remarkably similar to the pictures of the actual fossils, especially the Archaeopteryx.  These are not to scale, in real life they vary widely from the .5 meter long Archaeopteryx to the 9 meter long Stegosaurus.  The clay fossils are each about 2" by 3".  Will loves the BBC Walking with Dinosaurs series and I can see him having a future as a model builder or an animator for movies or in a museum (or both).  In the photo, the fossils are (clockwise from upper right), a Dimetrodon, a Brontoscorpio, an Archaeopteryx and a Stegosaurus.  

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