Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sledding at Lee Street Park

As everyone probably knows, the Washington Metro area was hit today with a major snowstorm.  Usually when the weather service reports they are expecting a major snowstorm here we end up being disappointed (or relieved), but today was the real deal.  Alexandria (or at least our backyard) received 19" of beautiful fluffy powder.  Too bad we don't have a good ski hill nearby.

The snow started last night around 9:30pm, so the kids new it was on its way.  When Lyra woke up this morning she was beside herself.  "Daddy, look at the snow"  "Come see the snow" "Look at all the snow" She was in her snow suit before we even had breakfast.  

The older kids were pretty excited too.  The last two years have been pretty weak in terms of snow, and so not much sledding.  We were out of the house just after 9:00am this orning to Lee Street Park (aka Windmill Hill Park) to sled.  The hill is not big, but it is walking distance and always draws a small crowd of kids, parents and dogs on snow days.  

Everyone had a great time.  Lyra actually got to try going down the hill by herself, and no one got hurt or too cold.  Often by the time the kids admit they are ready to go home from sledding, they are close to frost bitten but today we had no problems.  Of course we still took the opportunity to make hot cocoa when we arrived back home.

It turned out that the storm was just getting started this morning, I think we only had about 9" when we went sledding, much less than we had on the ground by day's end.  We will be back for more sledding tomorrow and hopefully the sun will be out and the snow will be packed down for some fast runs.

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