Monday, December 21, 2009

Ice & Snow in Old Town

It snowed all day Saturday, dropping 19" in Old Town, then dawned with sunshine and a beautiful blue sky on Sunday.  All day Saturday, the snow came down hard, blowing and drifting.  When I went out to take pictures, I kept my camera in a big zip lock, but it still ended up getting more snow on it than I was happy about.  I thought I would do some Christmas shopping on Saturday, but almost everything was closed, except Grape & Bean where I stopped for a glass of wine and to warm up.   

In the morning, it was warm enough to start melting the snow, but cold enough to form icicles, some large.  There were many 'beware of falling snow (ice)" signs around town.  On many buildings with metal roofs, the snow slowly slid off, forming wonderful snow sculptures, then breaking off in big sheets.  Cars were buried, and many people spent Sunday afternoon digging their cars out of the snowbanks, but quite a few cars were left buried, looking like big snow mounds. 

I went out Christmas shopping with Eva on Sunday afternoon, and lots of snow had turned to slush, but it was still sliding off the roofs of buildings and cars.  I took a lot of photos.  Snow is very photogenic, and with a new camera I had lots of fun recording the big snowstorm.  

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