Sunday, January 02, 2011

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For awhile I've thought I should move our blog to Wordpress.  I've developed and maintained other sites via Wordpress and it is just so much easier and predictable than anything else I've used in my volunteer bootstrap environment.  But we started our original blog just over five years ago, right before Lyra was born.  There's way too much to migrate over here.  The only inelegant solution I can think of is just to keep blogspot and link to the new Wordpress blog and provide a link from there back to here.  BLEAH.  So I've been putting it off.
Until now.  Bill and I just took a quick but fabulous trip to Boston to celebrate our 20th (!) wedding anniversary.  We took tons of photos and wrote lots about what we did, where we stayed and all the glorious food we ate.  And the exercise of trying to put that enormous post into Blogger was enough to make me make the move.  Notice that post isn't on here?  So here we are, unfortunately just after all the holiday cards went out telling people to find out what was going on with us at blogspot.
Oh well.  New Year, new blog!  Read on to find out more about our Boston trip.  Bill and I have wasted way too much time to get it organized and posted on this blog.  I am guessing we'll maintain both for awhile and at some point a little later, make Wordpress our official home.  More on that when we figure it out!

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