Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Man Lord of the Rings - Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

> Will and I went to see One Man LOTR tonight at Woolly Mammoth in DC. This was a performance by Charles Ross who also developed and performed One Man Star Wars (which we have also seen). > > While I would say it was amazingly creative and well performed, I think Star Wars lent itself better to the 'one man' hour long format. LOTR is a much more complicated story, with many more characters, plot threads and nuance. This performance was developed from the movies, and if you had not seen the movies - multiple times - it would have been hard to follow. > > In fact, Charles Ross asked for a show of hands of people who had seen the movie and/or read the books, then those who had done neither. About six people had neither read the books nor seen the movies. He was a bit incredulous and kept poking fun at them for even coming to the show.
> > Overall Will and I enjoyed it, I think Will more so given his superior memory for the movies. >


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