Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eva Upside Down in the Gravitron During the JIBS Comp at Philly Rock Gym

Eva competed in the Junior Indoor Bouldering Series (JIBS) event at
the Philadelphia Rock Gym (PRG) today. They have an interesting
climbing feature they call the gravitron, which I would call a cave.
Many of the gravitron routes, including the one Eva is on in this
photo, start inside climbing upside down on the ceiling, then you exit
and navigate climbing up onto the roof to finish the climb. Not easy
and not something I could do. Eva also tried to make a very difficult
climb on the outside of the gravitron with a very slippery hold, but
just could not make it.

Eva climbed very well today. She made a couple of the hardest climbs
I have seen her make, and had a personal best in her overall score.
Unfortunately the competition was tough and Eva placed fourth in her
age group. The top four places, especially 2 - 4, were very close so
the competition was very strong. It was good to see Eva climbing so
confidently and she is psyched for her next comp.

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