Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Cove

I first saw the movie The Cove in May at a private screening where director Louie Psihoyos discussed the making of the movie and brainstormed ideas about how to shut down the Japanese dolphin slaughter depicted in the movie.  I am not surprised The Cove won this year's Oscar for Best Documentary, and I truly hope the associated publicity helps achieve Louie and Ric O'Barry's goals of protecting and preserving marine mammals. 
The Cove is a great movie.  If you like action/adventure movies go see it.  If you like amazing film making go see it.  If you are interested in the plight of marine mammals, and the role of a very small number of countries in perpetuating their slaughter, go see it. 
It is great to see Louie continuing his mission in the US with this sting operation on a Santa Monica sushi restaurant described in today's NYT.  I can't wait for this story to become a documentary as well. 

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Suzanna said...

I completely agree! A very disturbing but well-made documentary.