Sunday, August 02, 2009

Eva goes to Camp

I took Eva up to Casco Maine for four weeks at Camp Arcadia. Eva was excited to go because she would get to ride horses, learn archery, canoeing and other camp-craft and get to be amidst all kinds of nature. She was in the Junior Girls cabin Chickadee, about the nicest and most comfortable cabin there. As the girls get older, their cabins become more and more rustic until eventually they have no onsite bathrooms, electricity or hot water. You know, right as girls are getting to the agae when cleanliness and their appearance become an OBSESSION. Should be good for building lots of character.

The other building here is the infirmary, where you Limp In and Leap Out.

Camp Arcadia is located on Pleasant Lake. Doesn't it look Pleasant? It was but it was also "freeeeeeeesing!" (to quote Eva).


arcadiagirl said...

I went to camp arcadia for the 2nd time and I met Eva. Our first day when we met boom! we were best friends!

Cathleen said...

She will see you at camp next year then! She is excited to go for the whole summer next time.