Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crew Weekend at Mowglis

I am way behind in posting camp photos for Will. I have a whole slew of photos and video from Parents' Weekend still sitting in my laptop, unshared. Mowglis continues to post tons of photos from camp activities on their website and Bill and I check periodically to see what Will is up to and whether he looks like he's having fun. He hasn't written asking to come home in two weeks (well, there is still today for me to receive a letter but knock wood it is a happy letter).

So in these camp photos, I have seen the boys rowing, sailing, swimming, racing and generally having fun in the lake. They made a sweat lodge, had an additional field day and prepared for crew races this past weekend, red vs. blue teams. This preparation included painting the team banner, painting themselves with war paint and a building big bonfire. Will will have to tell me more when I see him but it certainly looks like Peter Pan and the Lost Boys having a great adventure.

I think that is Will with the hatchet in the center of the picture. It is hard to way we recognize Will in the camp photos is by his bathing suit or his tan crocs. Since he is wearing neither, it is hard to be sure, but this boy does look like he is having fun. I go up this weekend to bring Will home and I can't wait!
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