Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Am woefully behind!

You would think, with Will and Eva at camp, that I would gave posted all kinds of photos and updates out here. But NoooOOOOOOooo I cannot seem to get to it! I think it is because Will and Eva aren't here to play with Lyra while I make the updates. So here's the quick scoop and I will post photos soon.

Eva turned 9 and had a fun birthday party tie-dying t-shirts with her friends. Bill turned, well nevermind, but he had a fun party with family.

I took Eva to Camp Arcadia in Maine about a week and a half ago and it poured down rain the day we flew up but it cleared up for move in day. She wrote a bunch of sad letters home right after getting there but I spoke with the camp and they said she is having a lot of fun and doing great! She did write to a friend and say she was having fun, so it must be true! Eva comes home mid-July.

Bill to Will to Camp Mowglis last Saturday and that was somewhat more involved since Will originally didn't want to go. He had gotten himself pretty excited until it came time to leave for the airport. But Bill said after Will got settled in at camp, he was fine for Bill to leave. I talked with Will's swimming instructor and she said Will is having a lot of fun and is making friends with the other boys. They have an all day hike coming up and a gathering with a nearby girls' camp. Can't wait to hear about that since one of the reasons Will decided he was excited about camp was that there wouldn't be any girls. The boys are required to write home on Sundays if they want to eat lunch so I should be hearing from Will next week. HE comes home mid-August but we are all going to visit him when we go to pick up Eva.

Lyra and I are having fun at the pool, playground, and reading books that are for HER and not the big kids. Swim lessons went well last week vut not this week. Lyra misses Will and Eva but she may have a hard time when they come back.

More later!

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