Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day One at Mowglis

Will began his summer at Mowglis today. Mowglis is a traditional New England boys' camp, with an emphasis on hiking. It is also traditional in the sense that the camp session lasts seven weeks to allow the boys time to really get to know each other and experience camp culture to the fullest. The smile in this photo is a bit misleading. Will is actually pretty apprehensive about being at camp for so long (ok, to be blunt, he hid in a closet in the attic this morning in the hopes of not having to go). After seeing the camp, on Newfound Lake in New Hampshire, Will was somewhat more positive. The people we met were wonderful, and Will is very adaptable. We are all hoping that Will makes lots of friends at camp and transitions quickly from being homesick to enjoying his summer community.

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