Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lyra Turns Three!

A little belated but here's a little something from Lyra's birthday. Her birthday was spread out over a period of time because it is so close to Christmas. But she did have a small family birthday party with Grammy and Coach. She had lots of fun and loved opening all her presents, even though she did not know wost most of them were. She knew what to do with all of them but didn't necessarily know the word for it so people kept asking her "Lyra, what is it?" And she'd shout "I don't know!"


Cherie said...

she is absolutely adorable! and I always loved that outfit :)

Charity said...

Happy 3rd b-day Lyra (belated)! I totally forgot to visit your family blog lately.. doh. She is growing up so fast! and Will and his Veggie car, he is so smart and so creative!