Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Have You Read Sherlock Holmes Lately?

Neither have I. I am not sure that I ever read much in detail, just a snippet here and there at school. Santa or someone brought Will Volume 1 of Sherlock Holmes for Christmas (at Will's request). We started out reading it together and Will has been enjoying it very much. I have gone on ahead since, somehow, this is the first Christmas EVER where I didn't get a book from anyone! I have been reading everyone else's books and this one looked good.

So I've gone on ahead to the second story. AND GUESS WHAT? Sherlock Holmes shoots himself up with cocaine or morphine when he's bored.

That little detail was definitely left out of our school selections. I was appalled although, to be fair, Dr. Watson tells Holmes in no uncertain terms that he is an idiot to engage in such activities. I guess it is good that I am reading this together with Will.

Moral: Just because you buy your children good literature to read doesn't mean you don't have to read it too.

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Charity said...

I have not read Sherlock Holmes at all actually but I plan on seeing that movie that comes out at the end of this year which is starring Robert Downey Jr. I am very excited for it. I think I will now have to read the books. It is very interesting though how much "adult" subjects are in children/young adults books/movies so I agree it is always good to read/watch the movie either with or before your children do. That way you either can discuss the topics with your kids &/or have a heads up.