Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Whole Cast

This is the best of the worst and will certainly not be appearing on this year's Christmas card so see it here and now!

Bill's/Captain Hook's hook is in Tinkerbell's/Lyra's trick-or-treat bag so he can hold his beer. My Tick Tock Crock mask is denting my forehead (hopefully not permanently) and pulling my eyebrow skin so I have a funny expression on my face. I don't know what Will/Peter Pan is doing. Eva/Wendy looks pretty good.

As expected, our costumes only made sense when we were together. On our way out to a pre-trick-or-treat party, a parking enforcement guy pulled up on the sidewalk in his little 3 wheeled car, jumped out, told us to hold still and took a photo on his cell phone! I've never been pulled over on foot before. As the night went on, it was difficult to stay together so we all had to do costume explanations after that.
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