Saturday, November 01, 2008

Look at all that LOOT!

Even when trick-or-treating is done, there is still more fun to be had! I think Will and Eva (and now Lyra) think the big "candy sort" is the best part of the night. My running buddy, Tehan, comes to trick-or-treat with us each year and help with the candy sort-n-trade process. About half of Eva's candy is off limits every year due to her nut allergy so she trades the stuff she can't have away to Will and Lyra.

The grown ups sit and watch the chaos over a glass of wine. Every year, we wish we remembered to order a pizza or something but every year we forget and so there's not much in the way of a normal dinner.

So what camp are y'all in as far as letting the kids have their candy? I have friends who have their children trade their candy in for a toy or something else. Others ration it. I let the kids eat whatever they want on THE NIGHT (what the heck...then lots of it is gone and I brush their teeth ONCE). Then I hope to stick to one piece a day after that. They can have it whenever they want, for breakfast if they want but then they have to wait til the next day for another piece. This is a great way to teach the joys of delayed gratification!
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